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Aldo Buttazzoni

Assistant Editing Manager

Aldo Buttazoni

Aldo Buttazzoni is writer and social commentator. Buttazzoni graduated from James Madison College at Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in International Relations focusing on Public Policy and Public affairs. Aldo has appeared on BlazeTV, NextNewsNetwork as well as other independent news channels. Follow Aldo on Twitter and Instagram.

Joel Bailey


Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a conservative social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and is an immigrant from Africa. Joel says he is proof of the American dream. He was adopted and learned conservative hard work and values at a young age. Follow Joel on Instagram.

Stacey Warner

Press Representative

Stacey Warner

Stacey Warner handles press inquiries at the Next News Network. She also writes and has worked in around Washington D.C. political campaigns for several years. Her statements have appeared on Fox News, CNN and many more outlets. Reach out to her through email below.