NOT WELCOME: “Poor” Biden Faces Protests While Speaking In State He Won in 2020

Biden Protesters over mandates
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The things Joe Biden says sometimes are amusing at best and repulsive at worst.  New Englanders weren’t in the mood to hear anything he had to say there recently, when he went there to try to get people on board with his Build Back Better plan.  Wait til you see this. 

Tim Callery from WMUR reports, About two dozen people gathered Tuesday in Portsmouth to protest as President Joe Biden touted his infrastructure plan. The protesters waving signs and flags on Market Street included people from New Hampshire and other New England states. 

Some protesters also held signs that read ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and ‘Who put Cornpop in charge of infrastructure?’

79-year-old Biden traveled to New Hampshire and visited the Port Authority at Portsmouth Harbor. Virtually no one turned out to see him speak. Biden delivered remarks on his infrastructure law that funded a project to widen the Harbor’s turning basin and as usual his speech was a total disaster.

Biden blamed Vladimir Putin for high inflation rates and falsely claimed the price of gasoline was a “discussion at the kitchen table” when he was a child.

Biden also repeated one of his favorite lies: “Nobody making less than $400K will see a single penny on their taxes raised” under his Socialist plan.

Then he dropped this gem…

“I’m so tired of trickle-down economics. I never found that it trickled down on top of my head very much. I was listed … as the poorest man in Congress for 36 years. I didn’t think you should make money while you’re in office,” said Biden.

Biden got sick of being ‘poor’ so he used his son Hunter as his bagman in their international influence peddling and money laundering operation.

Poor Joe Biden!  According to him, he was the “poorest man in Congress for 36 years.”  Well, we will certainly see about that, as the investigation continues into his son Hunter’s business ventures over the years.  To say that, while people are experiencing a 40 year high in inflation because of him, just exemplifies how out of touch he really is.  Do you believe Biden was poor when he was in Congress? Respond “Richie Rich” or “Poverty Paul” in the comments.


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