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NPR Vet Exposes Bias, Loss of Trust & Ideology-Driven News in Scathing Critique: Can They Redeem Themselves?

In a revealing op-ed, 25-year NPR veteran Uri Berliner accuses the network of abandoning its unbiased nature, enabling one-sided narratives, and forgoing truth for ideology. As examples, he cites the ...

Ex-Felon Avenatti Weighs in on Trump’s Trial: Can Justice Prevail Amid Rising Bias Concerns?

In a shocking move, MSNBC turns to convicted felon Michael Avenatti for insight on Trump's high-profile criminal trial in Manhattan. As trials rarely remain unbiased, Avenatti questions if the New ...

Top Golfer Scottie Scheffler’s Faithful Revelation: Game Doesn’t Define Him, Jesus Does!

In a world where professional sports often revolve around self-centered pursuits and egos, golf's current number one, Scottie Scheffler, stands as an inspiration. At his pre-Masters press conference, Scheffler firmly ...
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