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WATCH: Bill Gates Squirms When Pressed On Epstein Ties and EVERYONE Online Noticed

Billionaire tech magnate Bill Gates must be feeling the heat as Twitter goes wild over his must-see video response to questions about his connections to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. In …


EVERYONE Noticed One Thing Wrong with Biden’s Tone Deaf Tweet Promoting the GMC Hummer EV

This week, Joe Biden posted a tweet that featured a picture of him riding in a GMC Hummer EV. While Democrats applauded the President for advertising electric vehicles, one thing …


‘Drop Everything’: Robert Gates’ Take On The “GarageGate”, Afghan Withdrawal Sparks Uproar Worldwide

 The Obama clan has been unwavering in their support of Joe Biden. Even as pressures began to mount and criticism of the new administration came into sharp focus, they failed …

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