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DeSantis Travels to the Southern Border

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a bold stance against President Joe Biden’s failure to secure the United States’ southern border. DeSantis, who visited the border this week, announced that

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Explosive Outburst! Radical Squad Member Slams Biden’s Pipeline Decision

Stop scrolling! We have some breaking news! Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan went on an explosive tirade during a protest against the Biden administration’s fast-tracking of a natural gas pipeline. Tlaib’s meltdown came after the approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a $6.6 billion project spanning 300 miles through West Virginia. The pipeline has faced years of delays due to environmental reviews, but Biden pushed its approval as part of a deal to lift the debt ceiling. Tlaib’s furious outburst, captured in video clips, reveals her hypocritical stance on climate change and her disregard for energy solutions. Join us as we dive deeper into this story, tap the link in our bio.

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