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Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines

Next News Network welcomes free discussion and different points of view, but we must balance that with respectful discussion between our journalists and readers.

We have a zero tolerance policy for comments that we deem inappropriate, are spam, seem troll-like, or could have legal ramifications.

Commenters can flag inappropriate comments for review if they deem it offensive or inappropriate.

You can flag concerns via the menu next to a potentially inappropriate comment on Disqus or send us an email directly at

These guidelines may be revised or updated at any time, without notice and all commenters must abide by our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

How to comment:

Next News Network uses the third party platform Disqus. To comment, users must set up an account there.

You can register a Disqus profile either directly with Disqus, or with your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. Disqus does not require you to use your real name.

Next News Network prefers that commenters use their real name as it leads to more rational chats and less spamming. Our staff generally uses their own accounts to monitor comments and respond to readers.

Keep It Friendly:

Next News Network is an advocate for the first amendment and free speech. We also believe in putting our readership community first.

While we appreciate the diverse points of view of the commenters on our site, our company holds the right to caution commenters openly, delete, edit or modify a comment that breaches our guidelines, and suspend or ban an account at our discretion.

Comments that personally attack another reader or journalist are not acceptable. We do not tolerate racism or any discrimination or comments that could be interpreted as such.

Clarity and intent:

‘SHOUTING’ – letters, words, or sentences in capital letters – and the use of lots of emojis, other symbols, and inappropriate language are generally frowned upon.

Use of these and similar techniques could lead to the comment being deleted, edited, or modified at the discretion of our moderation team. Repeat offenders may face have face suspension or a permanent ban.

User images (avatars):

Distasteful imagery in Disqus user photo/picture profiles (also known as an avatar) is banned on Next News Network.

Examples of banned content include: sexually explicit, suggestive or revealing imagery, depictions of violence or gore, crude imagery, the celebration or depiction of criminals or criminal activity, propaganda.

Back-up profiles:

Commenters are asked to maintain one profile only, and our moderators flag the IP addresses of repeat offenders.

Repeat offenders with multiple accounts will be banned from our comments.

Outside links and Images:

Images and videos are not allowed in the comments to prevent the posting of pornographic material and other worse things. Links to outside websites a are monitored to protect our site against spam and malware.

Who moderates Next News Network?

The monitoring and moderation of discussion in the comments section of Next News Network are done by our editorial team and a dedicated moderating team. Reach out to us