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Van Jones' Shocking Proposal: Mount Rushmore to Feature Declining-President Biden!

Van Jones’ Shocking Proposal: Mount Rushmore to Feature Declining-President Biden!

Breitbart columnist Caleb Newton is embroiled in a blistering tirade against President Biden’s economic policies, noting the shocking statistics showing skyrocketing inflation. From the record-breaking rise in used vehicle prices to the escalating costs of household basics, he lays the blame squarely at the feet of the Biden administration. Newton minces no words, asserting that the president’s return to big government economics is driving America’s middle class into financial ruin.

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Entrepreneur's Plea in Crime-Ridden LA: System's Failure or Government's Neglect?

Entrepreneur’s Plea in Crime-Ridden LA

The saga of Ryan Baggaley, a harassed entrepreneur in Glassell Park, exposes the systemic failures of our governing structures intended to shield hard-working, small business owners. Crime spree in his vicinity, has glaringly underscored the ineffective security measures and misplaced political attention. His tribulations offer a sharp critique to leaders such Biden, Newsom, and Bass about the crumbling social contract: it’s high time to echo the calls for transformative political action and restore faith in our foundational libertarian values.

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Secret Mission at the Pentagon: A Military Recruitment Facelift?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Secret Mission at the Pentagon: A Military Recruitment Facelift?

In an unexpected turn of events, the Pentagon doors swung open for Hollywood superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With a social media following in the millions and a persona larger than life, his meeting with top-ranking generals has sparked intrigue. With the US Army missing recruitment goals, speculation hints towards Johnson influencing a recruitment resurgence. Johnson’s magnetic personality paired with our nation’s military might be the fresh approach needed to inspire patriotism amongst America’s youth. The Rock at the Pentagon? It’s an unorthodox, ambitious move – one that just might succeed.

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Biden Administration Rewards Illegal Entrants: Sheriff Reveals Shocking Misuse of Taxpayer Money!

Biden Administration Rewards Illegal Entrants: Sheriff Reveals Shocking Misuse of Taxpayer Money!

In a shocking exposé, Arizona Sheriff Lamb bared the truth about the Biden’s administration’s skewed priorities—providing $5000 gift cards to illegal border-crossers—whilst genuine American citizens struggle to meet basic expenses. He highlighted a dangerous disregard for national security by allowing unvetted military-aged men from various global hotspots, including China and Africa, easy entry into our homeland. With an alarming fiscal burden of $451 billion annually, this fiscal felony isn’t only about financial impropriety, it raises alarming questions about our leadership’s commitment to our country’s safety, identity and the welfare of our citizens.

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Biden's Border Crisis: Alarm as Flood of Chinese Migrants Breach Southern Border Wall!

Biden’s Border Crisis: Chinese Migrants Breach Southern Border Wall!

“A resolute surge of illegal immigrants swells at California’s southern border, an unsettling litmus test for Joe Biden’s questionable open-border policy. Shockingly, military-aged men from China make up the formidable influx. This is more than a border crisis. It’s a national security concern, threatening to reshuffle America’s demographic deck. Will Biden’s administration seize the reins, institute robust immigration control and safeguard our borders? Or continue to spectate this unfolding crisis? The clock is ticking, and America anxiously awaits a decisive response.”

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Christmas Cheer Clashes: Pro-Hamas, Pro-Nazi Protest Rocks NY's Rockefeller Event!

Severe Agitation Unleashed at Annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Event

In a grotesque violation of the holiday spirit, a band of pro-Hamas, pro-Nazi agitators disrupted New York’s cherished Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Their clandestine display of anti-Semitic and pro-extremist elements, contemptuously trampling on our festive customs, was as shocking as it was intolerable. Yet, in the face of such belligerence, we must reaffirm our unwavering commitment to civility, unity, and tolerance – the very cornerstones of our society. It’s high time to rid our streets of this pervasive malady and reclaim our beloved Christmas traditions from the clutches of bigotry and hate.

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Unseen Enemy: Carjacking Crime Wave Engulfs Washington D.C - No One is Safe!

Carjacking Crime Wave Engulfs Washington D.C – Not Even the FBI is Safe!

In a shocking turn of events, Washington D.C., once a beacon of power and justice, has fallen prey to a brutal crime wave, with rampant carjackings leading the pack. Bold criminals now operate fearlessly in broad daylight, even daring to target an FBI employee, proving that no badge or title offers immunity from this urban nightmare. As the count of carjackings soars, the city’s officials dwell in dreadfully complacent silence, seemingly resigned to letting our beloved capital crumble under lawlessness. This must serve as our urgent wake-up call.

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Bret Stephens Wins Edelman Award, Urges Media for Trust-Centered Revolution Amidst Falling Reputation

Bret Stephens Wins Edelman Award, Urges Media for Trust-Centered Revolution Amidst Falling Reputation

In yesterday’s PRSA-NY Big Apple PR Awards, an outstanding figure rose through the rhetoric. Bret Stephens, gifted with the Daniel J. Edelman award, highlighted the undeniable erosion of trust in our media. His candid critique highlighted pervasive celebrity culture and conformist thinking as longstanding issues. However, it’s Stephens’s firm faith in the retrieval of trust that resonates today. The media, he asserts, must re-earn public faith incrementally; hour after hour, day by day. In a fact-starved era, these words echo as a dauntless call to reform our wavering media landscape.

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Jewish School's Bold Move: College Pitches Hinge on Safety Commitments Amid Hate Crime Surge

New Jersey Jewish High School Sets the Bar High: Demands College Campuses Safeguard Jewish Students

“In a brazen move that’s sure to ruffle feathers, the prestigious Torah Academy of Bergen County shook up the status quo in U.S. education. The school is demanding colleges to pledge, in writing, their commitment to protect Jewish students; a necessary response to the horrifying rise of antisemitic hate crimes. The Academy’s unequivocal stance? If you can’t guarantee the safety of our students, you’re not welcome here.”

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Rising Anti-Semitism on US Campuses: A Deafening Silence from University Heads

CNN’s Bianna Golodryga Takes a Stand Against Campus Anti-Semitism: ‘It’s Unacceptable!’

There’s a resounding silence sweeping over U.S college campuses. A terrifying rise in anti-Semitic behavior takes root, chilling both students and staff alike. Yet, utter indifference and spinelessness graces our supposed university leadership, leaving horrifying hatred to fester. CNN’s Bianna Golodryga bluntly called out these figureheads for their subdued responses to escalating anti-Semitism — a problem targeting Jews worldwide, fueled by entities like Hamas. It’s high time the silent ones took a stand, rejecting the notion of ‘two sides to every story’ and start safeguarding Jewish students alongside all minorities. It’s not about political correctness; it’s about ethical necessity.

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Half a Million Illegal Border Breaches Undermine Mayorkas's Claims of a Secure Border!

Half a Million Illegal Border Breaches Undermine Mayorkas’s Claims of a Secure Border!

In dire contradiction to previous claims of secure borders under the Biden administration, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that over half a million illegal immigrants breached our southern border defenses in 2023. Senator Roger Marshall revealed even more concerning figures – over 600,000 “gotaways”- immigrants who were observed, but not apprehended. Despite these concerning figures, Mayorkas’ adamantly insists the southern border is secure – against accurate, surging data, portraying a monumental national security challenge.

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Biden Orders AI Equity and Civil Rights Guidelines, Sparks Tech Industry Debates

Biden’s AI Revolution: A New Dawn for Tech or the End of Online Freedom?

President Biden’s latest executive order regulating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) signals a perceived need for federal interference in the free-market tech industry. With assertive moves toward AI-enabled criminal justice measures and broad-sweeping rules that could limit innovation, the order paints a picture of an administration stifling freedom while pushing a left-leaning agenda. Is this the path to true advancement in AI, or another overreach disguised as upholding civil rights and promoting “equity”?

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