Next News Network

Journalistic Standards

The Next News Network is an independent news organization based in America that is not beholden to special interests and relies on its credibility with its millions of viewers to support itself. We seek to report the truth to our readers by being accurate, transparent and fair. Our journalists and editorial staff are trained to adhere to the following principles:


  • We only publish verified news: We won’t publish stories that aren’t rooted in facts, backed up by sources, or only rely on mainstream narratives.
  • We don’t publish gossip or fake news: We won’t publish news that is simply rumors. If a rumor is newsworthy, we may discuss it, but we will clearly identify it as such.
  • We don’t rely on anonymous sources in our stories: We want our reporting to be transparent and we will only use an anonymous source if naming them may put them in harm.
  • We respect privacy: We avoid stories that use personal information on private citizens to harm them and will handle necessary personal stories with tact.
  • We will not break the law to get a story.

We take all corrections very seriously: We seek to be accurate in our reporting. If a story is incorrect, alert us immediately by emailing us If required, we’ll update the story as soon as possible. Serious corrections are featured at the top of the story. A full retraction will be issued if necessary. Retractions are archived here.