Governor Kristi Noem Unveils Plan to End Abortion in Her State

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has done it again. After making a name for herself by standing up to the federal government, she decided to lead the charge to outlaw abortion in her state following the leak of a draft SCOTUS decision.

“If this report is true and Roe v. Wade is overturned, I will immediately call for a special session to save lives and guarantee that every unborn child has a right to life in South Dakota,” Governor Kristi Noem wrote on Twitter.

Gov. Noem’s office released a statement detailing her legislative plans to accomplish her goals:

“Every human life is unique and beautiful from the moment it is conceived. Every life is worthy of our protection, worthy of the right to live. We hope that this year’s March for Life will be the last and that the Supreme Court will finally protect every unborn life. But until that comes to pass, these bills will ensure that both unborn children and their mothers are protected in South Dakota.”

The office added, “Governor Noem previewed her heartbeat legislation last year when she directed her Unborn Child Advocate to review South Dakota laws and ensure that we have the strongest pro-life laws on the books in South Dakota.”

Noem’s statement comes after the a draft decision from the court was leaked late last night, leading to large scale protests nationwide from abortion advocates.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts however was quick to rebuke the allegations that the decision has been made, releasing his own statement.

“Although the document described in yesterday’s reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case,” Roberts wrote.

He also condemned the overall leak and ordered and investigation, “To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations, it will not succeed. The work of the court will not be affected in any way. I have directed the Marshal of the Court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak.”

Governor Noem may have chosen to lead the charge, but it’s almost certain she won’t be the last to do so. With Republican governors around the country gearing up to ban abortion in their states, do you believe the Supreme Court will actually reverse the ruling? Will their reversal hold?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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