No Baby Formula On Shelves As Biden Does Nothing

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Right now in America, parents can’t find baby formula to feed their precious babies. One father said it best: “never did I think I would have a problem finding food for my baby in America.”

This is a problem that has been brewing since February, when Abbott Nutrition had to recall several of its baby formulas due to babies getting ill after eating it. Tragically, one baby died.

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But the problem has gotten steadily worse due to supply chain issues. Biden, however, has not said or done anything to address is. He has sent billions of dollars in aid and weapons to Ukraine, but he’s not looking out for our most precious commodity here at home: our children.

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With the Biden administration laser focused on nothing but Ukraine, parents are having to help each other. Some nursing moms are pumping breast milk and sharing it with other moms. There are also social media sights cropping up where parents can share information on how to make sure they can find baby formula to feed their babies.

One mom in Arizona reached out to friends and family just to ask them to keep a look out for baby formula. She is unable to breast feed and her baby has allergies to ingredients in some formula, so her situation could have turned dire very quickly. Not only did her friends and family help out, so did complete strangers around the country.

When our government fails us, we must band together, especially to help our most vulnerable citizens. Should Biden do something?

Stacey Warner

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