CNN Obama Anchor Refuses to Condemn Terror Attack on Pro-Life Org

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Watching TV networks these days is getting pretty weird. It’s amazing, in a bad way, the kinds of horrible things that powerful Democrats and their kids get away with saying with pretty much zero consequences. Just look at the new call to violent extremists made by none-other than Obama’s Best Friend Valerie Jarrette’s Daughter on CNN.

CNN anchor Laura Jarrette, who has the unique qualification of being Valerie Jarrette’s daughter, was involved in a discussion about terror attacks against pro-life groups when she proposed the notion that civility shouldn’t be used.

It all started when CNN host John Avlon asked the simple question, “Where is the line?”

Avalon was quick to condemn the violence himself saying, “Violence is always over the line. But the real question, the conversation today [is] about protests outside Supreme Court justices houses, particularly Justice Kavanaugh. Where do you think that line is?”

That’s when Laura Jarrette weighed in with this bombshell, saying, “I think for a lot of people, a conversation about civility feels like it misses the mark when constitutional rights that you believe that you had for over 50 years are about to be overturned.”

“The Justices have security,” she continued. “So far all of the protests have seemed overwhelmingly nonviolent. There are plenty of protests that happen every single day in this country, around the country, at abortion clinics, blocking women from getting into clinics, and we don’t cover those as if they are four alarm fires.”

Of course, the four alarm fire she is referring to was an actual fire set by radical liberal extremists using Molotov cocktails and other means over the weekend. The attack specifically targeted a pro-life group in Wisconsin. The Antifa members who left it also wrote a very pointed threat saying “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.”

The thing about Laura Jarrette being the one who made the call that the attacks were okay are her close family ties to former President Barack Obama. Do you think this actually means that Obama himself is in favor of the attacks?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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