Future Space Cadet Tucker Carlson Makes Moves on Musk to Blast Off

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The rumor mill is churning on Tucker Carlson and boy this one is LITERALLY out of this world. Oh, and did we mention Elon Musk is in it too this time? Yeah, this is a new kind of space race.

It’s well known that Tucker Carlson has always had a love for space aliens. He has been one of the few mainstream media anchors out there willing to report on UFO sightings and potential alien communications for years. At one point he even tried to join the CIA so he could become one of the first to make contact with life outside our universe.

Now an anonymous insider with close ties to the Tucker Carlson Tonight host has spoken out about Tucker’s newest plan to meet our brothers and sisters outside the atmosphere, and this one is all about teaming up with super-mega-billionaire Elon Musk and shooting for the stars.

The insider told the Enquirer, “He (Tucker) still says the CIA made a big mistake not taking him. He’s convinced he’s still destined to make a big mark. The way he sees it, if he gets close to Elon, chances are high he’ll be on the cutting edge of contact with alien life. The possibility of that is intoxicating to him and his ego, so he’ll do whatever it takes to get on Elon’s good side.”

The insider also expressed the notion that, despite Carlson’s constant praise of Musk and his plans for interplanetary travel in hopes of landing a seat on one of SpaceX’s rockets, the world’s richest man has been generally “very dismissive of him,” opting for a mix of scientific experts and people to help fund the explorations so far.

Still, this is unlikely to deter Carlson who has never hidden his interest in extraterrestrial beings and what first contact could mean for humanity. The only other real options for him are Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, the latter of the two being frequently criticized by Carlson for his support of Left Wing politics.

Do you think Elon Musk will ever hear Tucker out about his desire to meet these new, advanced life forms or are his pleas and praise falling on deaf ears?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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