Biden Releases Latest MAGA Insult to Trump Supporters

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Recently, the President, who as a Presidential candidate said he would unify the country, has been trying to come up with different insults for his predecessor Donald Trump and his supporters. Using MAGA, Joe Biden keeps failing: at unifying and at insulting.

He recently made another attempt, at a speech at the White House about inflation and the economy. This time, he referenced “the ‘ultra-MAGA’ plan put forward by congressional Republicans.” He criticized the Republican’s plan saying it would take aim at the “sacred programs Americans count on like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

Hysterically, it took six months of research to come up with “ultra-MAGA.”

The Washington Post reported that Biden and his team spent six months on a project to rebrand former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” as a Republican-directed insult by sticking “ultra” in front of the acronym.

That’s right folks! That’s what your tax dollars are funding. Something Trump does with ease, and his are actually good.

PJ Media reports, “’For six months, Democratic messaging guru Anita Dunn and the Center for American Progress Action Fund oversaw an effort to discern Republicans’ weak spot, according to the Washington Post,’” quoting Katherine Doyle at the Examiner.” PJ Media also reported that the Democrats think that all of the alleged MAGA “extremism” is contained in the acronym with the prefix “ultra” added to it.

And let the Tweets and memes begin:

Biden’s attempt to reappropriate “MAGA” and “ultra MAGA” was the result of a six-month research effort by liberal groups. My latest w @michaelscherer.

And here’s one House candidate, Ronny Johnson, taking it and running:

Retweet if you’re proudly ULTRA MAGA!!

The Democrats are so easy to mock, you could almost feel sorry for them. Except for the fact that they are ruining our country. Are you proud to be ULTRA MAGA? If so, comment “ULTRA MAGA!”

Stacey Warner

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