RULES FOR THEE: Ohio Dem Pushing Electric Vehicles, Yet Wont Give Up His Gas Guzzler

RULES FOR THEE: Ohio Dem Pushing Electric Vehicles, Yet Wont Give Up His Gas Guzzler
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Rules for Thee But Not For Me. Ohio Senate Candidate and current Representative Tim Ryan wants to ban gasoline cars by 2040, yet has no ambition to give up his gas guzzler.

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The midterms are upon us, and the pandering is in full wing. In the Ohio Senate race things are heating up with campaign ads going out and millions of dollars being spent on mailers. Except the people of Ohio are catching on to the duplicity of one candidate. 

The Western Journal reports. While Tim Ryan previously called for the banning of gas cars, he was pictured driving a large, gas-guzzling SUV in one of his campaign ads.

Let’s Watch.

The Senate candidate also drives a 15-mile-per-gallon Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, according to The Washington Free Beacon, who first reported the story. A campaign spokeswoman said Ryan would not trade the car for “anything.”

Ryan, who is also a congressman, indicated that Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont’s plan to ban gas vehicles by 2040 did not go far enough during a 2019 interview after a Democratic primary presidential debate.

These revelations come after recent polling was just released showing Ohio in a tight race.

An Ohio Senate race that is still too close to call has Republican J.D. Vance trailing Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan by just a few percentage points.

According to a survey of 642 likely Ohio voters conducted between September 18-22, Ryan beat Donald Trump-endorsed Vance by 46 percent to 43 percent.

In what is one of the most difficult races to predict in November’s elections, Spectrum News/Siena College polls show Ryan beating his GOP rival five times and Vance winning the other three.

While you can poll a ham sandwich to the right group of people and the poll will show the ham sandwich winning, things are beginning to look up in Ohio. 

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