ABC NEWS Rocked By Scandal, Pulls Top GMA Anchors After Photos Catch Them In The Act

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Apparently CNN isn’t the only network prone to scandal in the workplace as another scandal has just rocked ABC News forcing two of their Good Morning America anchors off the air.

ABC News has felt the shocks of a tumultuous scandal that’s rocked the entire network. Their top GMA anchors, who were well known and beloved by viewers worldwide, have been pulled off air in a dramatic turn of events. Photos revealing them engaging in activities deemed both immoral and inappropriate to the public have been released leading ABC News to sever ties with the show. We can only wait and see where this story will go next, but either way it’s certain that ABC News is going to need to start tinkering away at their reputation if they ever hope to maintain their spot as one of the premier news networks around.

ABC News president Kim Godwin’s decision to take Amy Robach and TJ Holmes off-air at ABC News has caused a stir in the media. According to an internal call cited by Page Six, the president of ABC apparently removed the popular pairing from their 1pm time slot on GMA citing that the ongoing affair between the journalists had become too much of a distraction. People around the world are now asking why Godwin chose this course of action and what is next for Robach and Holmes’ respective careers. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds in the coming weeks as more details emerge. has learned that the lovers have been removed from GMA3 ‘indefinitely’. GMA3 was hosted by ABC National Correspondent Stephanie Ramos and Transportation Correspondent Gio Benitez Monday afternoon and the PR disaster was quickly overlooked. 

Through exclusive photos published on Wednesday, the pair were seen on dates around the city and traveling to and from each other’s homes throughout November.

They continued anchoring the news last week without responding to the report, which included photos of the couple on a romantic getaway, holding hands in the back of a car, and sharing a laugh at a bar. 

As they opened the show on Friday, they awkwardly laughed off the scandal surrounding their clandestine affair.

Several ABC insiders told last week that Disney should step in and take action if the couple continues to work on air.

And so they did, promptly pulling the two anchors off the air indefinitely. 

It looks like goodbye for Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes of Good Morning America, as yet another scandal has rocked the world of broadcast media. What happened? Cheaters got caught engaging in adultery and this shameful action had Kim Godwin, the ABC News President, pulling back the curtains on their relationship – proving once again that adultery never pays. This follows the purge of Jeff Zucker from CNN due to similar circumstances. It’s a true testament that adultery never pays, even for on-air personalities who may have thought they were invincible.

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