October 1, 2023

2024 Race Bombshell: Gingrich's Bold Call to End GOP Debates - Democracy vs. Expediency?

LOOK: Gingrich’s 2024 Bombshell Prediction

Just as we thought the 2024 presidential race couldn’t get more shocking, boom! Outspoken Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, has declared GOP debates redundant. At a time when the political battleground is reeling under partisan strains, this bombshell could reshape traditional politics. Gingrich claims the debates are moot given Trump’s significant lead, and cites falling viewership numbers as added evidence. Is this an adaptive evolution, or a dangerous deviation from American democratic discourse? Only time will tell. This controversy, however, guarantees a gripping path to 2024’s conclusion.

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Biden's New Gas Furnace Standards: Radical Green Move or Costly Misstep?

Biden Launches New Attack on Gas Furnace Standards

In the Biden administration’s latest drive to tackle climate change, they have imposed striking new standards for gas furnaces in homes, sparking outrage and unease among critics who see this as another instance of the radical green energy agenda pushed by the Left. The administration presents these regulations as cost-saving and beneficial, but the underlying costs and invasion into personal freedoms raise significant concerns. The endless green mandates show the unrelenting encroachment of an overzealous administration, leaving Americans to wonder what will be targeted next.

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