Creed’s Scott Stapp: Rocker to Granddad ‒ New High Note in Family Symphony

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In a gripping revelation revealing the powerful connection between music, parenthood, and the relentless force of time, Creed’s iconic rocker Scott Stapp announces not just his step into grandfatherhood, but also a deeply personal journey of transformation spanning generations. “I have a beautiful, beautiful grandson,” he confirms in an interview with PEOPLE. With an illustrious career marked by his monumental hit “With Arms Wide Open”, Stapp now finds himself in the embrace of an expanded family tree, providing further proof that life’s most profound moments don’t necessarily follow any particular chronology.

Born out of the powerful surge of emotion upon learning about impending fatherhood, “With Arms Wide Open” was a declaration of Stapp’s commitment to his first child, Jagger. Today, watching Jagger step into parenthood himself, the fifty-year-old rock legend is adamant that he doesn’t feel like an archetypal grandfather – a sentiment owed to modern lifestyle improvements and better health awareness practices. Regardless, Stapp is ecstatic – a proud grandpa, fondly observing the experiences he once navigated.

Jagger and his wife recently welcomed baby boy Cash into the world, marking a new chapter in the Stapp family’s narrative. The proud father of five, Scott Stapp shares a household teeming with children’s laughter with his wife Jaclyn; a joyful chaos comprising daughter Milan, 17, and sons Daniel, 13, and Anthony, 6.

Stapp’s fresh recording ‘Higher Power’ is making waves, but the pillar of his life remains his offspring, his ‘purpose.’ He admits his challenging relationship with his own stepfather stirred a conscious determination to better his legacy and be a supportive presence for his children. “They make me want to be a better man… I just want to make them proud, and be a father they can look up to”, he confesses.

Scanning his brood, Milan, strikingly musically-gifted, occupies a special place in his heart. Watching her create her own tunes and master several instruments amplifies his connection with her; an experience he deeply values.

Unraveling his bond with Jagger, Stapp ventures into rich, complex layers marked by turbulent episodes, addiction struggles, and eventual redemption. Stapp’s younger kids were sheltered from these harsh realities, but Jagger wasn’t. The communication tunnel opened further when Jagger underwent personal battles, deepening their bond, clarity, and mutual understanding.

Scott Stapp, the Renaissance man, marks another significant milestone – grandfatherhood – a testament to the enduring universal themes of love, lineage, heritage, and redemption. The legendary Creed frontman, with an undying commitment to overcoming personal shortcomings in his quest to be a better father, is a testament to resilience and love. Transcending generational differences steeped in mutual respect and continuity, the narrative of his life serves as a powerful reminder that while change is inevitable, the bonds of family remain unbroken. As he proudly steps into the shoes of a grandfather, Stapp proves that the timeless refrain – “With Arms Wide Open” – continues to echo in the corridors of his life, celebrating not just new beginnings, but also marking extraordinary milestones.

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