Chris Wallace DESTROYs Jen Psaki’s Attempt to Say Biden Isn’t Sheltered From Press

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Even though he is on a failing streaming network, Chris Wallace can be a competent journalist.  This time he really held Jen Psaki’s feet to the fire about why Biden has not been willing to meet with the press in a meaningful way except for a handful of times in comparison to Trump or Obama.  She tried, and failed, to give a believable answer. 

Nicole Silverio from The Daily Caller reports, “CNN+ anchor Chris Wallace pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki as to the reason President Joe Biden is “sheltered from the press” in an exclusive Wednesday interview.”

“Why has President [Joe] Biden been so sheltered from the press?” Wallace asked.

“Wallace said in his first year, Biden only held two solo press conferences at the White House and five on foreign trips. Within that time frame, he also participated in 28 interviews with reporters. Former President Donald Trump attended 95 interviews in the same period, while former President Barack Obama was interviewed 162 times.”

“By comparison, Jen, that’s sheltered,” he said.

“The statistic you didn’t include there, Chris, is how many times did he take questions from reporters at the White House,” Psaki pushed back

President Biden held a press conference on March 24 in the NATO Headquarters in Belgium and was quick with reporters as is customary for the embattled President.

It’s so obvious why whoever controls Biden keeps him away from the press as much as humanly possible.  His cognitive abilities have been declining at least since he took office and they don’t want anyone to know how bad things really are. Do the American people have a right to know if their President is competent to hold that office?  

Stacey Warner

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