War of Words Breaks Out on MSNBC About What Party is Really Responsible for Voter Suppression

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Liberals like to pretend that Republicans want nothing more than to suppress voting. According to them, they especially want to suppress the Black vote. Not surprisingly, the topic of supposed Republican voter suppression was brought up recently on MSNBC.

Tiffany Cross, a liberal Black woman and host of MSNBC’s the Cross Connection, had two guests: Rufus Montgomery, a Black Republican Strategist and Elie Mystal, a liberal Legal Analyst who is also a Black American. This story shows that the issue is more about politics than it is about the color of ones skin.

The confrontation between Montgomery and Mystal got so heated at times that it was hard to tell what either was saying. For the most part, liberal Mystal escalated the battle, by loudly interrupting whatever point Montgomery tried to make. You know the drill: when you’re wrong, just get louder to prove your point.

Montgomery, remaining composed, argued about how ridiculous it is that, even though Democrats control the House, the Senate and the Presidency, they are “still crying about voter suppression.” In other words, if any votes are being suppressed, they must be Republican.

Despite the obviousness of Montgomery’s point, Mystal still went on a loud rant about how Republicans on the Supreme Court had hindered voting rights of Black Americans. Montgomery retorted that Democrats are the ones who put the “nuclear option” in place that allowed Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority vote in the Senate.

Cross asked Montgomery what the Republican party was doing to help ensure that everyone can vote “fairly and freely.” Montgomery cited the 2021 Georgia election law that ensures election integrity. This means not that voters are suppressed, but that our elections are secure from fraud and interference.

The two agreed on one thing: voter suppression is bad and should not ever happen. What Montgomery wanted Mystal to tell him is how Democrats are helping Black people to vote, other than just telling them to do it. And that’s a question they never seem to answer.

Stacey Warner

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