Conservatives See INSANE Spike In Followers on Twitter

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Remember the YEARS of the left telling the right that they were not being shadow banned and censored online? That was despite mountains of evidence proving they were being censored. Well, now they have some real explaining to do after multiple prominent conservatives gained an insane amount of new followers this week.

Donald Trump Jr, for instance, managed to rack up over 200,000 new followers in just 2 days after Musk took over, with 87,000 coming the day of. By comparison, he has recently averaged 7,000 new followers today, so and 12x increase is nothing to gawk at

“While I’m awesome and totally deserving of 87,000 new followers a day it seems that someone took the shackles off my account,” Trump Jr pondered in a now-uncensored post, even posting a graphic showing the unexplainable spike in growth. “Wonder if they’re burning the evidence before new [management] comes in?”

Trump Jr was not a standalone case in the conservative Twitter-verse either. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of the most popular conservatives nationwide, also saw his numbers spike by over 200,000 new followers in the same 2 day period according to Social Blade analytics.

Conservative firebrand FOX News host Tucker Carlson celebrated by tweeting out “We’re back!” after he received over 140,000 new followers following months of negative growth.

And Dana Loesch, a popular conservative radio show host, saw her own new followers increase from around 500-per-day to over 22,000 new followers in just two days.

Loesch speculated that “It’s too soon for Musk to have done this but I’m wondering if something was changed by those seeking to minimize their fingerprint ahead of potential transparency.” She also claimed she had been losing large chunks of her followers regularly for the last several years before the new spike.

Other prominent conservative voices who saw massive gains include Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, who gained over 130,000 in the short timeframe, podcast host Joe Rogan, whose follower count shot up by nearly 135,000, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, gained more than 112,000 in no time flat.

While the radical left, their media cronies, and Twitter itself still continue to deny the existence of shadow banning and political censorship, numbers don’t lie. Do you think this trend will continue and Conservatives will begin to re-enter the political speech fray now that Elon has taken over, or is it just a small spike and things will go back to the way they were after awhile?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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