Josh Hawley Promises to Eliminate Biden’s Disinformation Board

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Biden thought he would just be able to create a new ministry of truth to censor US speech and call it the Disinformation Board. He and his cronies thought their little “board” would just exist with no challenges. Enter Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who is having none of it.

Sen. Hawley took to Twitter, posting, “If Joe Biden won’t dissolve his unconstitutional Disinformation Board, Congress should. I will introduce legislation this week to eliminate the Board and forbid the government ever to create another one. It’s time to stand up for free speech,” he added.

Hawley, who is widely expected to mount a Presidential bid in the future, has never been one to shy away from conflict, often creating headlines in his role on the Judicial Committee for his fiery rhetoric and legal knowledge.

Of course, the Senator was far from alone in his criticism of Biden’s decision to create the board. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also compared the board to the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, saying during a speech last week,

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country. Let’s get real here. Let’s make sure we are doing things to benefit Floridians and Americans, but we’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. We will be fighting back.”

DeSantis continued his criticism, saying “They want to be able to put out false narratives without people being able to speak out and fight back. They want to be able to say things like ‘Russian collusion’ and perpetuate hoaxes and have people like us be silenced.”

The board, in it’s current form, is expected to be headed by Nina Jankowicz, a popular author of a book on disinformation who put out a propaganda piece on TikTok last week which suggested Biden’s Ukraine scandals are fake.

The risks of a government entity determining what is and is not true cannot be overstated. Our founders created the First Amendment to protect the people from exactly that situation and made it first for a reason. Do you think Biden impeding the US Constitution is an impeachable offense?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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