Joe Biden Yells “Don’t Jump!” At Paralympic Athletes

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The one thing you don’t have to tell a wheelchair-bound person is “Don’t Jump!” Only Leave it to old Joe Biden to find a way to say something incredibly, horrifically, unbelievably offensive to a bunch of Paralympic Athletes that he was supposed to be honoring.

So Joe had a simple task: to welcome the Paralympic American Athletes from the Tokyo and Beijing Paralympic Games the the White House and congratulate them on their wins. Seems like a slam dunk, politically. And it would have been, if the presenter wasn’t Joe Biden.

What makes it even worse is that it didn’t happen as part of some speech or Q&A with the press. The President of the United States was simply lining up to take a picture with the athletes when he blurted out “Don’t Jump!” as some sort of misplaced joke.

Here’s the video proof of this world-class blunder:

Joe does love reusing jokes and stories, no matter how bad they are, and this seems to be one of those. He has shouted his “Don’t jump!” joke at a Trump supporter who was protesting him in the past as well. Still, he doesn’t seem to see the difference between that situation and disabled athletes.

The President was unable to realize how inappropriate his failed attempt at humor was. Even worse, this has become a pattern for Joe Biden in the last few years. Remember when he called a reporter a “lying dog faced pony soldier” or when he challenged an elderly veteran to a pushup contest on the spot to prove his fitness? These are not the actions of a well man and certainly the furthest thing from Presidential I can possibly image.

How does this make you feel, as an American? Do you feel embarrassed that he is supposed to be our leader? Do you feel bad that nobody is even trying to get him the help he desperately needs just to cover up his so-called gaffes?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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