DeSantis Tells Disney It’s Time to Pay Taxes

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Disney and it’s battle with Florida may not be the main topic of conversation anymore, but it’s battle with Governor Ron DeSantis is hitting a fever pitch right now and DeSantis seems to be on the winning side.

Late last week the firebrand governor told the entertainment and media monster that their free pass in his state has expired and he will not be backing down. Instead, they will have to start living under normal Florida laws and paying their fair share of taxes.

DeSantis took a moment away from his pro-police rally to tell the crowd, “Disney is going to have to live under the same laws that everybody else lives under in Florida. Disney will pay its fair share of taxes, and Disney is going to be responsible for all the debt it’s racked up.”

Disney’s war with the Florida Governor began when the company tried to bully Florida to reintroduce sex ed courses for elementary schoolers after Florida essentially banned sex-ed and related topics from being taught to children in the 3rd grade and below.

Disney attempted to use their position to force Florida to retract the decision only after backlash from some of their LGBTQIA+ employees threatened a boycott over the alleged “Don’t Say Gay” parental rights bill.

Unfortunately for the media giant, DeSantis immediately pushed back by rounding up the legislator and having them revoke a special status granted to Disney that allowed them to govern Disney World by their own rules and laws while also saving tons on taxes.

Of course, Disney itself also doesn’t have a great recent history of supporting LGBTQIA+ rights either, after the company was happy to edit out things like same sex kisses and even an almost unnoticeable reference to a female character having a girlfriend to appease countries like Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

It’s clear that Disney’s only real motivation is money, not their employees or the children who watch their films and TV shows. Will their actions stop you from watching their films including Marvel and Star Wars or do you think it doesn’t matter in the long run?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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