Oregon High Schools Now Giving Tampons to Boys

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When you think of the most liberal states in America, people always talk about California, New York, and Illinois. The thing is, none of them can even hold a liberal candle to the behemoth that is Oregon. So how bad is it? Let’s just say tax money is putting tampons in boys’ bathrooms.

So how did we end up in this dystopian, tampon-filled world? It all starts with state’s 2021 “Menstrual Dignity Act” law, which was set to take place in the 2022 and 2023 school years.

Now on one level, adding free menstrual products to high school women’s bathrooms makes perfect sense. They need it for obvious reasons. But leave it to loony liberals to take a good idea too far and start forcing tampons on boys too.

The act specifically reads:

Starting next year (2022-23), products will be available in all restrooms (male, female, and all-gender) in every PPS building where education occurs. To ensure timely compliance, PPS ordered 500 dispensers. Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls’ restrooms, and more will be installed in all remaining bathrooms, including boys’ restrooms, next year. Instructions for how to use tampons and pads will be posted in all bathrooms.

Sounds pretty wild, right? Well it doesn’t end there. Oregon coupled their new law with High Schoolers’ favorite thing in the world, a 26 page Menstrual Dignity for Students Tool Kit. One passage from the packet reads:

Importantly, this law affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation. Research also connects gender-affirming bathroom access to supporting student safety at school.

There you have it. Now High School boys can finally sit around all day reading about menstrual cycles while using tampons on themselves. A real dream come true. What do you think of this new law and the associated packet? Do you think Oregon’s legislature thought about this at all before passing it?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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