Amazing Footage of Two Ukraine Jets Bombing Russian Controlled Snake Island

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Rare drone footage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict shows an incredible moment when two Ukrainian jets bombed the Russian-occupied Snake Island in the middle of the night.  

The video released on Saturday shows Su-27 Flankers dropping multiple bombs and successfully hitting facilities on Snake Island which was captured by Russia earlier this year. 

The daring raid appeared to strike direct hits to the island’s main complex and buildings above the pier. The southern approach to the island was a strategic measure from Ukrainian forces because Russian defenders on the island would most likely be focused on looking north and west toward the Ukrainian coastline, according to The Drive. 

After the initial strikes there appear to be at least two major secondary explosions, which could mean the bombs struck an ammunition or fuel stage area, The Drive reported

The bold attack comes after Ukraine highlighted other successful strikes against Russia. Including a claim that a TB2 drone destroyed a Russian landing ship on the island.

In March, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Snake Island, located just miles from the coast of Romania. Ukrainian guards were heard on a released audio clip telling the Russian warship to go f*** themselves after being told to lay down their weapons and surrender.

The importance of the island is that it covers important shipping channels to the port cities of Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson. The Russians cut off these shipping channels in an attempt to isolate Ukraine from trade with other countries and replenish supplies for the war.

Ed Gonzalez

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