Title 42 Should Stay in Place Says Democrat Texas Mayor

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The Democratic Mayor of Laredo Texas doesn’t want Biden to lift Title 42. He was interviewed recently and explained his great fears for his city, if Biden doesn’t listen.

The reporter explained, “Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, a Democrat, wants Title 42 to remain in place. He fears lifting it could increase human smuggling and violence in his city, because he says houses that stash migrants and drugs are run by local gangs connected to the cartels.”

Mayor Saenz told the reporter, “We don’t want the Del Rio situation.” He said, referring to Biden, “maybe have a Plan B, in the event that Plan A doesn’t work.”

According to CNN, “About 5,000 migrants are waiting in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico alone” to cross the border as soon as Biden lifts Title 42. Pastor Lorezo Ortiz runs shelters in Nuevo Laredo and explained that most of the people waiting to cross into the United States are Haitians. He said the Haitians just arrived and had learned that Federal agents had allowed 70 migrants per day to seek asylum at the port of entry under an exception to Title 42. They traveled to Nuevo Laredo to see if they could do the same.

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus says he wasn’t aware of the situation. When asked what he will do if this is just a preview of what will happen if Biden lifts Title 42, he said, “we follow the law and if they meet that criteria that’s what they’re going to be entitled to. If they do not meet that criteria, any of a number of other circumstances could cause them to be expelled or to be prosecuted.”

It is appalling to think that thousands of migrants will flood our southern borders if Biden lifts Title 42. It’s also appalling to hear that the Customs and Border Protection Commissioner isn’t aware of what’s brewing in Nuevo Laredo. Do you share Mayor Saenz’s concerns?

Stacey Warner

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