Voters Angry As Gas Apocalypse Hits Northeast

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No amount of prayers can stop the rising gas prices from hitting the northeast part of the United States. It has drivers angry as gas prices are once again skyrocketing. Several East Coast states are experiencing the biggest spike in gas prices in history.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are experiencing record-high prices as residents are suffering from the policies of Democrats leading these states.

It has drivers angry as they are once again trying to figure out how high gas prices can go. 

“It’s $4.64 a record gallon in Philadelphia, 14 cents above the statewide average,” the ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV reported. “It’s $4.50 in Pennsylvania, $4.47 in New Jersey, and $4.40 in Delaware.

Those same states have seen a spike in prices from even just a week ago. 

Pennsylvania residents were paying 15 cents more per gallon; Delaware residents are paying 16 cents more per gallon and New Jersey residents are paying an astronomical 25 cents more per gallon than seven days ago, according to AAA.  

The sticker shock has people scrambling to adjust their lifestyle but some Democrats are ecstatic with the higher prices. This gives them the excuse to push for radical environmental policies like the Green New Deal.

Polls have shown how angry the American people are about the high inflation and how the Democrats are forcing them to change their lifestyles. In the Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released last week, lowering inflation and fixing the economy was the number one issue on voters’ minds at 38.5 percent, well ahead of any other issues.

Do you think gas prices will get higher before they get lower?

Ed Gonzalez

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