Whoopi Goldberg Defends Trump! Says He Should Have Twitter

Whoopie Goldberg Defends Trump's right to use twitter
Whoopie Goldberg Defends Trump's right to use twitter
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What kind of wacky, upside down, crazy world are we living in these days where Whoopi Goldberg of all people is defending Donald Trump and his right to free speech? That’s literally what happened in an episode of The View this week while they were discussing Elon Musk’s decision to add Trump back to the platform.

Whoopi Goldberg, normally an outspoken critic of the former President, came to Trump’s defense, saying, “Listen, Donald Trump wants to be on Twitter, if people want to listen to him, fine,” the co-host explained. “Fine, because that’s what it is. That’s where we have said to people you have the right to say whatever you want to in this place. We’ve let it go.”

“And when it suited us it was fine,” she added. “And when it doesn’t suit us, it’s a problem,” she added. “Twitter is an issue. … It’s an issue for little kids. It’s an issue for young women. It’s an issue. But every time we get worked up ‘well burn them’ and then we don’t.”

Sunny Hostin then interjected, suggesting that Twitter won Trump the 2016 election.

Goldberg, however, even seemingly rejected that notion, saying, “I hate to say this. This is what people said they wanted. Well we’ll see. It seems like there’s a little nostalgia for him, so let’s see what happens. I don’t think people are going to buy it. Because if they were going to buy it they would’ve joined his Twitter thing [Trump’s Truth Social platform]. … If people were that interested they would’ve gone on to that. So, I’m not sure that the fact that he’s no longer got the title, I think the fact that he no longer has the title makes him human like everybody else.”

Of course, plenty of the ladies on The View disagreed with Goldberg. Joy Behar suggested that there are limits to “Free Speech” in the Constitution, something that the First Amendment rejects entirely.

Meanwhile Sunny Hostin took the position that Elon Musk was wrong that Trump’s voice was silenced by his removal from Twitter while seemingly suggesting that he still should have been allowed to stay on the platform.

It’s nice to see some of these people finally admitting that Trump should have never been banned from the platform in the first place. Do you think they ever would have spoken out if Elon Musk hadn’t made the decision for them?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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