Nancy Pelosi Just Threw Support Behind Pro-Life Candidate

Pelosi throws support behind Rep Cuellar
Pelosi throws support behind Rep Cuellar
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Not even Nancy Pelosi can bring herself to buck politics when it matters to her. Even if it means abandoning an issue like abortion which she allegedly cares about above all else.

The Speaker of the House is sure to have upset more than a few Progressives around the country when she made it clear that she would support Pro-Life Texas Democratic Rep Henry Cuellar despite the upcoming reversal of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.

Pelosi said of the Texas Democrat, “He’s a valued member of our caucus. He is not pro-choice. But we do need him.”

Rep Cuellar is currently the only pro-life Democrat in Congress and is believed to be the only Democrat who can win his fairly conservative district in Texas. Cuellar barely squeaked by in his primary, garnering just 48% of his district’s primary vote which forced a runoff election against progressive Democrat Jessica Cisneros on May 24.

 “This is one of the first Congresses that we have had with a Democratic president with a pro-choice Congress.” Pelosi noted that Barack Obama didn’t have “218 pro-choice votes” in the House during his presidency, which led to a huge fight over the passage of Obamacare and how it would relate to abortion as a medical service. “Thank god for the nuns,” Pelosi quipped in what seemed to be an off-hand attack on Pro-Life Catholics.

While Nancy Pelosi may not be an ally to pro-life Americans in general, she drew her line in the sand this time and bucked her progressive base to support and incumbent.

Do you respect her even a tiny bit for standing behind a pro-life politician or do you respect her even less that she would be willing to compromise on such a key issue regardless of where she says she stands?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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