RNC’s Powerful Video Shows What America Could Look Like Under Biden-Harris

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Get ready to be shocked and horrified as the RNC releases a powerful video depicting the dystopian future that America could face if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the 2024 presidential election. From open borders to financial instability and international conflict, this video is a stark warning of the potential collapse of America under a Biden-Harris administration. Are you prepared for this bleak future? Watch the video and open your eyes to the nightmare that could be in store for America. This is a wake-up call to all Americans to fight to keep America strong and prevent this dystopian future from becoming a reality. Don’t miss this shocking video that could change the course of American history forever.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden announced that he plans to run for president again in 2024, bringing along the incompetent Kamala Harris for the ride. The Republican party has responded by releasing a video depicting what four more years under the Biden-Harris team could look like. This shocking video reveals a dystopian future that Americans could face if they do not fight to keep America strong. From open borders to destabilized financial systems and an escalation of international tensions, this video shows what could happen if the weakest president America has ever had were re-elected.

The video begins by asking, “What if the weakest President America has ever had were re-elected?” This question sets the stage for the nightmare that could unfold under Biden-Harris. The video then shows the current tense situation America finds itself in after years of peace under the Trump administration. Americans recently found out we have soldiers on the ground in Ukraine, fighting a war with Russia. War with China could be on the horizon as well. The video asks, “What if international tensions escalate?” This question is particularly concerning, as it suggests that America could be dragged into more unnecessary wars if Biden remains in power.

The video also highlights the potential for financial systems to crumble under Biden’s leadership. It shows America’s boarded-up shopfronts, chaos, and illegals streaming across our open southern border. The video asks, “What if our border is gone?” This question is particularly relevant as we face a fentanyl crisis and a surge in crime. Hordes of people assemble around the Golden Gate Bridge with National Guard troops lining the streets. “Whose in charge ere?” the video asks, possibly in reference to the numerous transportation issues the country has suffered, with trains derailing and spilling toxic chemicals across the country.

Biden’s announcement sets up a potential rerun of the 2020 election. With almost 18 months to go, Donald Trump is ranking high in the polls and will likely secure the Republican nomination. As Trump surges in the polls, Fox News has opted to part ways with some of its strongest conservative hosts. “In the same month that Trump’s polls have skyrocketed, we’ve now seen Fox part ways with Dan Bongino, Lara Trump, and Tucker Carlson. Coincidence? Nah, that’s panic,” notes DC Draino.

Trump’s favorability rating among Republicans has hit an all-time high, with 81% of Republicans viewing him favorably. This suggests that Trump has a strong chance of winning the presidency in 2024, which could help to prevent the dystopian future depicted in the RNC’s video.

The RNC’s video is a warning to Americans that their future is at stake. If Biden and Harris are re-elected in 2024, America could be plunged into a dystopian nightmare, with open borders, financial instability, and international conflict. However, if Americans fight to keep America strong and elect a strong conservative leader in 2024, we can prevent this future from becoming a reality. Top news right now is the warning that the RNC has issued to Americans through their shocking video. Stay informed and follow Next News for more breaking news on this important topic.

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