Disney To Replace Johnny Depp As Jack Sparrow

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Yes, you read that title right. Disney is going to do the unimaginable. It’s hard to imagine anyone else as Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

The Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial is wreaking a lot of havoc on the careers of the two actors. There’s a petition to remove Heard from Aquaman 2 with over 4 million signatures. But now, Disney says it will replace Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Insidethemagic.com reports, “[t]hat’s it, folks; Johnny Depp is no longer Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirms Depp’s official replacement.”

Insidethemagic.com further reported, “Bruckheimer confirmed that they’re actively working on two Pirates 6 scripts; one with Margot Robbie and one without. When asked if Captain Jack Sparrow would return, Bruckheimer responded: Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.

Pirates of the Caribbean fans are not happy! One Tweeted, no johnny depp, no watching

Another Tweeted, What is “Pirates of the Caribbean” without Johnny Depp…….a failure!!!!! I will not be watching that and frankly would like to boycott any future Disney movies!!!!

Another said this: This will absolutely destroy the franchise. This world has become too sensitive and dodges too much bullshit. His a damn actor. I honestly don’t give a fudge what his private life is about. His movies as Jack sparrow are amazing. Anyone else in that rile will plummet the franchiz

What is up with Disney? Instead of focusing on creating and producing great family movies, they are focusing on choosing sides. Another case in point is how they decided to go against Florida Governor DeSantis and his Parental Rights in Education Bill. Should corporations choose sides? Is Disney going to implode on itself? Will you watch a Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp? Sound off in the comments.

Stacey Warner

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