Hillary Clinton Lawyer “Lied to the FBI” for Her Campaign: Prosecutor

Michael Sussman and Hillary Clinton
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Correction: An earlier version of this article contained an image that was not Michael Sussman, the attorney for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. The new images have been updated with the correct individual. (5/19/22 @ 11:24AM)

The trial of Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyer Michael Sussman has begun and boy it is heating up fast. Its going so fast that we already have scandal, law breaking, and Hillary’s hands all over it and we are only hours in.

The trial started with the prosecutors taking the lead, saying that Clinton’s lawyer had been essentially acting on behalf of her campaign to push Russian disinformation.

This is a case about privilege,” Assistant Special Counsel Deborah Shaw told jurors. “The privilege of a lawyer who thought that for the powerful the normal rules didn’t apply, that he could use the FBI as a political tool.”

 Shaw continued, “The defendant lied to direct the power and resources of the FBI to his own ends and to serve the agendas of his clients.”

She continued by alleging that the point of Sussman’s lie was specifically to generate an “October Surprise” that would ruin Donald Trump’s chances of being elected and have it hand-delivered by an unwitting FBI, all for Hillary Clinton.

Another one of the prosecutors on the case, Brittain Shaw, added, “He told a lie that was designed to achieve a political end, a lie that was designed to inject the FBI into a presidential election.

Sussman’s attorneys, however, rebutted all the claims against their client, suggesting he is a well respected attorney who upholds the law.

His lawyer said, “He was someone the FBI knew represented partisan clients. The FBI knew that he represented the Clinton campaign that summer. The FBI knew that he was an attorney for the DNC, the Democratic Party itself.”

Interestingly, though, their overarching argument against the prosecution was not about their client’s integrity, but instead that it would be impossible to prove whether or not he lied to the FBI because the FBI Lawyer he spoke to, James Baker, didn’t take notes on their meeting.

Sussman had played a major role in the Steele Dossier as well as pushed a handful of data to the FBI suggesting the Trump Organization was making secret contact with the Kremlin through Russian Alfa Bank. This conspiracy was later disproven.

The case is being headed up by Special Prosecutor John Durham, who was assigned by former Attorney General Bill Barr while Trump was still in office. Do you think the walls are finally closing in on the Clintons, or will Sussman just be another sacrifice to protect them?

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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