Governor DeSantis Wrecked Reporter Who Compared Him to Castro

DeSantis destroys reporter
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Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis appeared in Miami this week, to discuss cancer research. While there, DeSantis mentioned Joe Biden easing sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela. A reporter felt that gave him the opening to accuse DeSantis of being similar to Castro. Governor DeSantis, in characteristic style, put said reporter in his place.

Regarding Joe Biden, DeSantis commented that easing restrictions “is going to increase the amount of money that’s going to the dictatorship.” The reporter, according to PJ Media, then “asked DeSantis how he felt about an outspoken Democratic state legislator and admitted socialist – Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith – recently comparing him and his administration to regimes like Castro’s in Cuba and Maduro’s in Venezuela.”

Here is how that back and forth went:

Governor DeSantis wasted no time with his response, saying “well I think it’s a slap in the face to everybody in South Florida that has experience with these Marxist dictators in our hemisphere. You have people who were driven out of the island of Cuba. You have people…it’s so bad the oppression there that they’d get on a raft and go 90 miles over shark infested waters to be able to get to freedom.” He said the same thing happened with Venezuela, which is like a third world country under the communist dictatorship now. He said “there’s a reason why people are pouring into the state of Florida.” He noted that, while some governors beg people to come to their state, he hasn’t asked anyone to come.

The DeSantis noted that some politicians in “other parties” have a “soft spot for dictatorships” but he has “contempt for those views.”

There were a lot of positive responses to the above Tweet, and here is just one: “I remember when Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan spoke with such clarity. It is invigorating and uplifting to hear truth laid out so simply and yet so powerfully. Made my day..”

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Governor DeSantis rarely minces words and he certainly did not this time. The Twitter user even compared him to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan! The reporter’s question showed a complete ignorance of what a dictatorship even means and he should have been embarrassed after DeSantis’ response. Do you think he was?

Stacey Warner

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