Army Considering “Compassionate Reassignment” Because Of “Discriminatory” State Laws

The U.S. Army is considering "compassionate reassignment" in response to Republican laws.
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U.S. Army officials are looking at changing their policy on “compassionate reassignment” to allow military members to request a relocation if they feel threatened by state or local laws that may discriminate against them based on gender, sex, religion, race, or pregnancy, says a new report by

The draft of the change adds language that makes “compassionate reassignment” available to soldiers if they feel like they are facing discrimination. The draft is not final and requires the approval of Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.

In March, the satire website The Babylon Bee ran an article titled “Powerful: Military To Allow Troops To Replace Camo With Colors of Their Gender Identity Flag.” It seems like that headline is becoming prophetic if this draft is any indication.

The Babylon Bee wrote about something similar happening back in March.

The site Babylon Bee satirically wrote, “Rather than being stuck with patriarchal desert, forest, or urban camouflage, U.S. service members can now select camouflage that matches the flag of their chosen gender identity.”

An Army spokesperson told that the Army “does not comment on leaked, draft documents.”

“AR 600-100 and 600-200 establish the criteria for which soldiers may request for a compassionate reassignment. The chain of command is responsible for ensuring Soldiers and Families’ needs are supported and maintain a high quality of life,” spokesperson Angel Tomko said in a statement.

The report was drafted in April after several laws were passed in Republican states, such as Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law and Texas’ directive to the state department of Family and Protective Services to investigate doctors and parents who enable gender-transition surgery. It was drafted before the leaked Supreme Court draft decision.

Compassionate reassignment is currently reserved for people experiencing family problems that cannot be solved through other methods such as “leave, correspondence, power of attorney, or help of family members or other parties,” say Army regulations.

Do you think it is appropriate that the army is doing this now?

Army Considering “Compassionate Reassignment” Because Of “Discriminatory” State Laws

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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