Senator Rick Scott Says Democrats Plan Is To Keep Gas Prices High

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Anyone who’s been to the pumps since Biden took office knows that gas prices have only risen. Even when they went down a tad, they jumped right back up. Rick Scott says that’s the Democrat’s plan.

On Tuesday, Senator Rick Scott said, “[w]hat’s going to get it to go down? The Biden administration is not making it easier to drill and we’re the safest drillers in the world. They’re not open to this at all. They’ll have a soundbite and say they are, but they’re not,”

Scott added, “[w]ith Chuck Schumer on the other side, with AOC, and this whole attitude… they don’t want to do anything. The Democrats don’t want to do anything. The Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House. They are all-in… they’re with President Biden. They’re looking for an incredible transition with higher and higher prices and poorer American families.”

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Biden talked about his “incredible transition” on his trip to Japan recently. He admitted to the plan to keep gas prices high, to make Americans less dependent on fossil fuels “when this is over.”

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Rick Scott responded to what Biden said, saying “he’s in left field. He’s got plenty of money so gas prices probably don’t impact him much and he doesn’t have to pay to fill up a car. Everybody else in this country is being impacted by this.”

The national gas price average was $4.596 on Monday. Last year on the same date it was $3.039. The highest ever recorded price was Monday’s price of $4.596, all according to AAA. Despite this, Biden canceled a $1 million dollar oil lease in Alaska on May 11. Within his first week in office, President Biden signed an executive order temporarily suspending new oil and gas leases on federal lands, Fox Business reported.

Tragedy in Texas

According to Senator Scott, the U.S. has plenty of oil and gas resources. We’ve got to use them and use them safely. We’ve got to get an administration that cares about this,” he said.

We absolutely need an administration that cares about America, because Biden is not it. It’s got to be terribly frustrating to be a Congressperson under the Biden administration. But what’s even more frustrating is being an American under the Biden administration. Biden admitted that he’s keeping gas high as part of his “incredible transition.” Can 2024 get here fast enough?

Stacey Warner

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