Giuliani Unveils What He Saw On Hunter Biden Laptop Involving “Minors”

Rudy Giuliani ripped into Hunter Biden during his speech in Illinois.
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During a fundraiser for Scott Kaspar, a candidate for Illinois’ 6th congressional district, Former Trump attorney and New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani got up and spoke and ripped into Hunter Biden and the Democrats during his 30-minute speech.

It’s one particular part of the speech where he goes into detail about what he saw on Hunter’s laptop and the illicit activities that he would carry out around minors that he describes in the video below that get really shocking.

Speaking about Hunter, Giuliani described the pictures he’s seen, “I have maybe 100, 200, 300 pictures of him. I have pictures of him in closets with crack smoke around. Walking around with no clothes on smoking his crack pipe.”

“There are minor children in this home by the way. Walking around with no clothes on talking to prostitutes very explicitly,” the former New York Mayor continued. “There are minor children around him smoking the crack pipe.”

Giuliani continued to tell about Hunter’s sordid past and said that it is insane that Democrats want to say that they can determine what the gun laws are when they let Hunter break gun laws as a drug addict.

“The closet ones are amazing. He locked himself in a closet so he can get the maximum amount of… He couldn’t even stay clean for even two months to even pass a test in the army. His father pulled strings… breaks the law  to get him into the military because he’s too old and in two months he fails out for cocaine. They stopped him from going to Ukraine because every time he was going to Ukraine he was getting dope and the rest you can figure out.”

The former Trump attorney pulled out a piece of paper and told the audience that it was a form that’s filled out when used when buying a gun. He said Hunter filled out a similar form when he bought a guy. He then mentioned that Hunter broke several laws when he signed said form and called it a dream prosecution for anyone that could take it up.

“What I just told you violates two laws: 18 United States code section 922.8.6 which makes it crime to make a false statement on an application for a gun. That carries a two year sentence,” said Giuliani.

“I’ll give you his text messages to his dealer. Then it violates a second statute, section 922.v.6. That makes it a ten year felony for anyone that’s addicted to carry a firearm.”

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“He deserves to be prosecuted for that,” Giuliani concluded.

Giuliani also mentioned that he has seen pictures of Hunter driving while smoking drugs, a crime, and went on to say that the most important thing is getting soft Republicans out of office before the next Presidential election.

Giuliani’s full remarks on Hunter Biden:


Do you agree with Giuliani that Hunter needs to be prosecuted? Let us know your thoughts below.

Giuliani Unveils What He Saw On Hunter Biden Laptop Involving “Minors”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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