Jean-Pierre Refuses To Answer Reporters’ Question On Biden and The Baby Formula Crisis

Press Secretary evaded the same question about the baby formula crisis multiple times during her briefing on Thursday.
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On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre started to get short with reporters after they repeatedly asked her questions about President Joe Biden and his knowledge of the baby formula shortage.

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The questions come a day after Biden admitted to not learning about the baby formula crisis until April to the press. His statement is different than his White House economic advisor and Jean-Pierre’s statements on when the administration knew about the crisis.

“Did the President have any conversations with any cabinet secretaries or the FDA commissioner once he was confirmed in February, about the formula shortage before April?” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked the press secretary dressed in yellow.

“I don’t have any meetings to read out,” Jean-Pierre snapped back.

A second reporter jumped in and asked Jean-Pierre who it was that originally told Biden about the baby formula crisis.

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Jean-Pierre wouldn’t answer the question and said it was unnamed “senior white house staff.” In response, The reporter called her answers “evasive” and said that the press was going to “keep asking” the question until they got a “satisfactory answer.”

“To say there was no specific person is not a satisfactory answer. When you have senior assistants to the president, there’s a paper trail about briefings to the president…” the reporter said seemingly dismayed.

Another reporter asked her the question again, watch how she refused to answer it this time.

Reporters were never able to get an exact date on when President Biden got briefed about the baby formula crisis from the press secretary.

Jean-Pierre again said, “The President was briefed through regular channels.”

Next News Network reported on Wednesday that Biden admitted to not taking the baby formula problem seriously enough when it first happened In a video, he gets visibly caught off guard when asked about the timeline of his response to the crisis. His remarks came after meeting with formula manufacturers. Watch below.

Do you think Biden’s staff kept the shortage from him or his he lying about his knowledge of it? Let us know your thoughts below.

Jean-Pierre Refuses To Answer Reporters’ Question On Biden and The Baby Formula Crisis

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