Ted Cruz Says Leftists Reject Good Republican Ideas Because All They Want Is to Keep Guns From Law Abiding Citizens

Ted Cruz Speaks to Sean Hannity
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Ted Cruz is frustrated. He has introduced legislation that would have kept guns out of the hands of criminals but Democrats have shot his ideas down. They won’t be happy until law abiding citizens can’t have guns. Of course, that’s never going to happen because of the Second Amendment.

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Recently, Senator Ted Cruz spoke with Sean Hannity, regarding Joe Biden’s accusation that Republicans block all debate about gun legislation. He says that is just not true. Cruz himself has introduced legislation that would have kept guns from criminals and the mentally ill. He said his bill had bipartisan support but was ultimately blocked by Democrats, reports Breitbart.

Senator Cruz told Hannity, “[H]e said it is unconscionable that Republicans won’t allow a debate. Well, you know what, Joe Biden, in 2013, he was President of the Senate, he was Vice President of the United States when the Democrats filibustered my legislation that would have directed the Department of Justice to prosecute violent criminals who try to illegally buy guns, that would have directed the Department of Justice to audit federal convictions to make sure [they’re] in the background check system. That could have stopped the horrific shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the church shooting, because the Obama Air Force never reported that shooter’s conviction to the database. But also part of my legislation, the Grassley-Cruz legislation, was $300,000,000 for school safety, which could have perhaps prevented this horrific crime in Uvalde, and Joe Biden and the Democrats filibustered that legislation. 52 senators voted for it, nine Democrats voted for it, we had bipartisan agreement, and the Democrats cynically said, if we can’t disarm law-abiding citizens, we, the Democrats, are not willing to do anything to secure schools.”

Cruz continued, “Just this week, Joe Biden says he doesn’t believe in hardening schools and making them safer. Well, that is cynical and it’s wrong. And, unfortunately, it is a set of policy proposals — what the Democrats are putting forward would not stop these horrible crimes. Instead, it’s their political objectives.”

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Joe Biden doesn’t believe in hardening schools, reports the New York Post. School hardening means different things to different people. Basically, it means making the physical school building safe. That could mean live video feed to the police, panic buttons, requiring a card to enter the building and more. Jean-Pierre said, “I know there’s been conversation about hardening schools, that is not something he believes in. He believes that we should be able to give teachers the resources to be able to do their job.”

Biden wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban of 1994 and limit rounds

Once again, it’s the Democrat’s way or the highway. While they continue to try to subvert the Constitution, more people, more children, could die. There is no reason not to make schools physically safer. We can’t expect teachers to be able to do their jobs, or children to be able to learn, if they don’t feel safe at school. Why is Biden so opposed to making schools safer?

Stacey Warner

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