Investigation Reopened into Clinton-Epstein Associate Found Hung by Electrical Cord, Shotgunned in Chest

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Former President Bill Clinton's adviser and fundraiser Mark Middleton's case has been reopened by investigators.
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In a strange twist of fate, the investigation into the death of Bill Clinton’s former adviser and fundraiser Mark Middleton has been reopened, says a report from Radar. We wrote previously on the father of two’s death at 59, and at the time, there was no known cause of death.

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It’s now been reported that Mark Middleton was found hanging from a tree by an extension cord with a shotgun blast through his chest in a 1,100-acre farm outside of Perryville, Arkansas. The farm has been loosely tied to the Clintons.

This was verified after radar filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request with Perry County Sheriff’s Department asking to see the police report and photos from the crime scene.

Former President Bill Clinton meeting with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell mouthing his trademarked grin. (Bill Clinton Presidential Library)

Middleton rigged a gallows using a table and committed the horrid act on land owned by Heifer International. Their headquarters is leased on the same piece of land as Clinton’s Presidential Center in Little Rock.

Heifer International’s farm in Perryville, Arkansas.

Radar reached out to Sheriff Scott Montgomery by email. He wrote back that he could not release the police report because it was now an open investigation on June 2.

“At this time this is an open investigation, and we are not releasing any information,” Montgomery emailed the press.

The Perry County Coroner is also refusing to talk to the press outlet and cited the open investigation into Middleton’s death as the cause.

“Right now, it’s considered an open case, and nothing is being released on it at this time,” a coroner worker told the media. “That means it’s under investigation…it’s a legal matter which I guess might be supposed as a criminal matter also, I don’t know.”

One plausible cause for the coroner and the sheriff not to talk to the police is their involvement in a lawsuit with the deceased’s family. The Middleton family is suing both of their offices and asking a judge to stop them from releasing the crime scene pictures and police reports from Mark’s death asked for in the FOIA request.

Pictured above is Mark Middleton, a successful Arkansas based businessman, who was found dead on Heifer International’s farm.

“Since Mr. Middleton’s death, Mr. Middleton’s family, including the Middletons, has been harassed by outlandish, hurtful, unsupported, and offensive online articles regarding Mr. Middleton, his death, and his family,” states the lawsuit.

Pictured above are the Middleton family who are fighting to keep the crime scene documentation surrounding the case private.

The documents below confirm that he committed suicide. This is something that was not known earlier when the news broke about his untimely death.

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In an even stranger twist, one of Middleton’s business partners came out a month ago and called for an independent vacation into the Arkansas businessman’s death. He is adamant that his partner would not have committed such a bizarre suicide.

Originally authorities chose not to investigate the death several weeks ago, but this has obviously changed.

Middleton ran an air conditioning business in Little Rock, but during Clinton’s Presidential tenure he was a special advisor and finance director for his campaign.

He was noted to fly on Epstein’s plane and seems to have been the bridge between Clinton and the disgraced pedophile. It’s been previously revealed that Epstein used his connection to Clinton to threaten underage women with his influence. White House visitor logs show that he was the authorizing signature on seven of Epstein’s visits to the White House – many of them to the West Wing.

Do you think his death is odd? Let us know your thoughts below.

Investigation Reopened into Clinton-Epstein Associate Found Hung by Electrical Cord, Shotgunned in Chest

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