Downtown San Francisco Is The Poster Child For What Happens When Liberals Run a Place

Homelessness and the associated crime are rampant in San Francisco due to failed progressive policies
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Since the recall of mega liberal San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a lot has been written by the city. What was once a beautiful, vibrant city has become “worse than it looks,” says the San Francisco Chronicle, and it looks pretty bad.

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San Francisco has become the poster child for what happens to cities that are run by “progressives.” Boudin, for example, championed policies such as refusing to charge juveniles as adults, refusing to seek the death penalty, and not prosecuting thefts under $1000. He was soft on crime and, therefore, crime flourished.

This tweet says it perfectly: “San Francisco became a cruel city. It became so dogmatically progressive that maintaining the purity of the politics required accepting—or at least ignoring—devastating results.”

Mary Jung, who chaired the recall campaign against Boudin, said that the vote was a message from the people of San Francisco that they want a District Attorney who will hold “serious, violent and repeat offenders accountable while never forgetting the rights of victims and their families.”

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See what socialist country is going to start taxing cow farts–we aren’t kidding!

What has happened in and to the city of San Francisco should serve as a warning to liberals. Sadly, it still doesn’t seem that they get it, no matter how many of them leave places like San Francisco to go to places like Texas. Too often they just bring their bad ideas with them. Do you think California liberals understand that it is their bad policies that killed San Francisco?

Stacey Warner

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