MSNBC Gets Its Lowest Ratings In Over 20 Years

Rachel Maddow seen crying in a broadcast. MSNBC's ratings have recently taken a dive.
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There’s some pretty amusing news in the world of news network ratings this week. That’s, if you’re a conservative that is. If you’re a liberal, you may be crying in your cereal.

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MSNBC’s viewers have been running for the hills for a while. Maybe they finally figured out that the hosts there had been lying to them for years. It didn’t help when they continually tried to prop Biden up when it was plain to see that his administration is a disaster.

“MSNBC’s Biden-era struggles among the advertiser-coveted (25-52 year-old) demo continued to get worse, as the network had its worst week among demo viewers in total day and primetime since 1999. Animal Plant, Travel Channel, Syfy, Freeform, E1, FXX, BET and TLC are among the 32 basic cable networks to outperform MSNBC in the critical category last week among total day viewers,” reports Red State.

Fox News has seen an increase in ratings while liberal networks are falling.

Who’s killing it in the ratings? Why, Fox is! “Fox News averaged 1.3 million viewers from May 30 through June 5 to lead all of basic cable as No. 2 HGTV averaged only 562,000 viewers. MSNBC finished third with 556,000 average viewers and CNN settled for 450,000 as the networks failed to top Fox News combined, reports Fox News.

Furthermore, “Fox News also dominated during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m., averaging over two million viewers when No. 2 ESPN finished with an average primetime audience of 1.5 million. MSNBC averaged 800,000 to finish ninth and CNN failed to crack the top ten most-watched basic cable networks with a dismal primetime average audience of 603,000.” 

One twitter user made an excellent point as to one reason why liberal news networks’ ratings have gone in the toilet: “‘CNN and MSNBC’s ratings collapse due to credibility problems covering JOE BIDEN’ Without DONALD TRUMP to drag through the mud the FAKE NEWS MEDIA’s have nothing. CNN and MSNBC are one-trick ponies, and that trick was bashing Trump. In 2021, viewers ditched them in droves!”

MSNBC and other prime time Cable networks are currently broadcasting the January 6 committee hearings. However, many Americans are not interested in it or simply do not care about January 6 as recent polling suggests. It’s broadcasts like this that are most likely further hurting channels like MSNBC.

It’s likely that liberals have just become despondent and turned off their TV’s at this point. Which is excellent for conservatives, since it also means liberals aren’t likely to show up at the polls in November. Why do you think liberal network ratings are doing so poorly?

Stacey Warner

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