Man Arrested Driving Electric Walmart Cart Down Interstate, Trying to Steal Construction Barrel

Indiana man arrested after leading police on a chase while driving an electric Walmart cart down an interstate
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Crime, both violent and nonviolent, has dramatically increased under the liberal policies of being soft on crime. Low or no bonds and convicted criminals being let out early, along with defunding law enforcement has led to a society that’s not safe in many places. One crime in Indiana, however, was rather comical in hindsight.

Police chases often don’t end well. People get hurt, and sometimes killed, including the police, the perpetrator and often innocent by standers.
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While any police chase can be dangerous, one recent one in Indiana was actually the slowest police chase in the state’s history.

The Indiana State Police posted on their Facebook page about it: “You never know what you will see on the interstate. πŸ›’πŸš—. πŸš“ Around 5am this morning, Senior Trooper Rob Caudill and the Clarksville police department responded to I-265 in Clark County for a subject riding an electric cart that was pushing a construction barrel. The Walmart cart was recovered and returned to Walmart. The male subject was transported to Louisville Kentucky with charges pending the prosecutor’s review.”

Yes, you read that right. The suspect was stealing a construction barrel, using a Walmart electric cart, and driving it down the interstate.

The post went on: “As a reminder, unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the interstate… and slower vehicles need to use the right hand lane. πŸ›’πŸ›’πŸ›’” The Indiana police seem to have a bit of a sense of humor. They went on the cite the law in these circumstances:

“A vehicle that travels at a speed less than the established maximum shall travel in the right lanes to provide for better flow of traffic on the interstate highways. (b) This subsection applies to the operation of a vehicle:(1) on a roadway that has two (2) or more lanes of traffic in each direction; and(2) in the left most lane, other than a lane designated for high occupancy vehicles. Except as provided in subsection (c), a person who knows, or should reasonably know, that another vehicle is overtaking from the rear the vehicle that the person is operating may not continue to operate the vehicle in the left most lane.(c) Subsection (b) does not apply:(1) when traffic conditions or congestion make it necessary to operate a vehicle in the left most lane;(2) when inclement weather, obstructions, or hazards make it necessary to operate a vehicle in the left most lane;(3) when compliance with a law, a regulation, an ordinance, or a traffic control device makes it necessary to operate a vehicle in the left most lane;(4) when exiting a roadway or turning to the left;(5) when paying a toll or user fee at a toll collection facility;(6) to an authorized emergency vehicle operated in the course of duty; or(7) to vehicles operated or used in the course of highway maintenance or construction.(d) A person who violates this section commits a Class C infraction.”

It looks like the perpetrator of the crime could be charged with a Class C infraction, as well as with theft of the construction barrel.

There are other notable slow police chases too. Recently, in Ashtabula County, Ohio, the police arrested a man and charged him with DUI. The unusual part is that the man was Amish and driving a buggy.

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The police officer can be heard asking the horse to stop, by yelling “whoa…whoa,” and then tells another officer “the horse knows the way home.” The officer then “chased” the buggy, because the horse wouldn’t stop. Ultimately, the “chase” ended when the buggy hit the patrol car.

Illegal migrants aren’t entitled to bond hearings, says the Supreme Court of the United States

It would be pretty embarrassing to get a DUI while driving a horse and buggy. And what about that guy trying to drive down an interstate on an electric Walmart cart, after stealing a construction barrel. This proves that some criminals just aren’t very smart. What’s the dumbest crime you’ve ever heard of? Tell us in the comments.

Stacey Warner

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