“Not True” Peter Doocy Tells Off Biden Press Secretary on Inflation

Peter Doocy presses White House on inflation
Peter Doocy presses White House on inflation
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FOX News’ Chief White House Correspondent Peter Doocy told off the White House during a heated press conference over inflation.

Doocy pressed Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden’s comments that inflation is worse everywhere in the world than the United States, asking why he would say that.

Initially Jean-Pierre defended Biden, stumbling through a vague explanation of “the pandemic” and “the war.”

Not satisfied with her answer, Doocy responded with examples of countries not suffering as heavy inflation as the United States

“He says inflation is worse everywhere but here. That’s not true,” Doocy told Jean Pierre. “The U.S. has worse inflation than Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia…Why is he saying that?”

She then again tried to cover for her boss, claiming what he meant was that “it’s a global thing” despite that not justifying Biden’s scare tactic.

Peter Doocy then began pressing even harder, this time asking why Biden still refused to reopen US pipelines and allow more domestic drilling. Jean-Pierre again pivoted to Putin, the pandemic, and corporate profits as the real villains.

Doocy clearly saw through her answer, since she again avoided the issue of domestic drilling. Finally she broke and declared “[w]e don’t need to do that.” Instead, according to the Press Secretary, Biden plans to make them refine “the oil that’s out there” so prices go down.

After more pressure from Doocy about whether or not Biden was prioritizing green energy over the American economy and what the President’s actions had actually done to help so far, the most Karine Jean-Pierre could muster was, “Here’s the thing–here’s the thing, Peter. If we–if the President had not taken the actions that he’s taken…the prices that we see now would be a lot worse.”

The White House has been desperate to find a way to spin the dying US economy, plummeting stock markets, and skyrocketing inflation in their favor. If they spent less time coming up with excuses and more time on solutions, do you think they could have solved it by now?

“Not True” Peter Doocy Tells Off Biden Press Secretary on Inflation

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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