Texas’ Mayra Flores Says She Won Because Democrats Have Walked Away From The Hispanic Community

Mayra Flores speaks with Sean Hannity about how Democrats have abandoned the Hispanic community
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A Hispanic Republican woman won a Texas seat in a special election recently that has been held by a Democrat for the past 150 years. She can tell you exactly why she was successful in her race, which she just did, with Sean Hannity.

Hannity noted that illegal immigration is a big issue in Flores’ district, and asked her “what happened?”

Courtesy of Fox News via YouTube.com

Flores began by explaining that she came to this country legally when she was just six years old. She talked about what a dangerous journey it is, to try to come to this country illegally, and she doesn’t want to see that happen to other children. She said specifically that she doesn’t understand why “the Democrat party continues to encourage, with their policies, illegal immigration, knowing what [the children] are going to go through.” She said she “wants to focus on legal immigration, and improve the process so they don’t have to go through that journey.”

Flores also talked about how “real” the border crisis is to the people in her district, and said they don’t have to hear about it on TV since it’s in their backyards. She added that, because of this, child trafficking is very real to them.

Hannity also asked Flores about the changes in the polling, and how Hispanics, African Americans, youth and women are moving away from the Democratic party and toward the Republican party, “at least on paper for now.” He asked Flores why she thinks that is. She responded that she has had people ask her how she can be a Hispanic Republican and when that happens, she knows they don’t know anything about the Hispanic community. She told Hannity “it’s the Democrat Party that has walked so far away from the Hispanic community.” She added, “they’ve gone so far left and they don’t represent our values.” She said she was raised with strong conservative values and that Hispanic people are “all about faith and family and hard work.” She said those values really align with the Republican Party.

Flores said prior to 2020 no one was really paying attention to the Hispanic community. She said the Republican party is finally paying attention to them, but the Democrat party has taken them for granted and they “feel entitled to our vote,” and don’t feel like they have to “work for it.” She said, “yes, you do have to work for our vote,” and that’s why she won the special election. She declared that she is also going to win reelection in November.

Mayra Flores flipped a district that had been blue for 150 years. That says everything we need to know about what is likely to happen in November. She understands that liberal policies do not reflect Hispanic values, especially as the Democratic Party has moved so far left. How badly do you think Democrats are going to lose in November?

Stacey Warner

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