Texas GOP Convention Excluded Conservative LGBTQ Group

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Republicans are the conservative party, and Texas Republicans tend to be some of the most conservative in the party. At the recent Texas GOP Convention in Houston, Texas, the members made that clear.

At the convention, the Texas GOP decided to exclude members of the Ft. Worth Log Cabin Republicans, a new chapter of the national LGBTQ conservative organization, reports Red State.

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The Texas Republican Party platform takes the position that homosexuality is “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” By taking that position, it is no wonder they excluded the Log Cabin Republicans.

“The local group and the organization’s state affiliate [of Log Cabin Republicans] were denied booths at the event that drew Republicans from across the state, a spokesperson for the party confirmed. “I know that we need change in Texas party leadership, and there’s a small group of very loud people that are running this, but we will come back in two years and continue to fight forward,” said Jason Baldwin, President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Fort Worth, after earlier saying he’s confident he’s in the right party,” reports the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Matt Rinaldi, the Texas GOP Chair said the decision was made “based on our rule of booth approval,” and that he thinks “it’s inappropriate given the state of our nation right now for us to play sexual identity politics,” reports the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. The decision to exclude the Log Cabin Republicans was a 4-3 vote of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee, reports Breitbart.

According to Baldwin, not all members of the LGBTQ community support ultra liberal ideas such as sexuality and gender issues being introduced in elementary school, or parents taking their children to drag shows. He says many in the group have stood against child modification or providing puberty blockers to kids. “I think what bothers me is, is that our group is being lumped in as, just because we identify as LGBT we somehow support all of that,” Baldwin said. “That would be the same notion that all white people support the KKK. It’s just not an accurate statement.”

Some in the Republican Party think the Texas Republican Party is making a mistake by excluding the group, reports Red State. Former Trump ambassador Richard Grenell “condemned the state party’s actions. He recalled the fact that Andrew Breitbart publicly criticized the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2011 for its refusal to host the gay conservative group GOProud,” Breitbart said.

Donald Trump Jr., criticized the Texas GOP’s decision to exclude the Log Cabin Republicans as well. “The Texas GOP should focus its energy on fighting back against the radical democrats and weak RINOs currently trying to legislate our 2nd Amendment rights away, instead of canceling a group of gay conservatives who are standing in the breach with us,” he said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News.

Americans who believe in God falls to an all-time low. See where we stand.

Well there you have it. It appears that the conservatives in Texas, at least some part of them, don’t represent the whole conservative party. Who do you think is right?

Stacey Warner

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