Some Amazon Workers Demand Time Off to Grieve Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

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Kids these days! The newest generation of workers has some interesting ideas about working. Many don’t think they should have to work, or they think they should be placed straight into higher-level positions and/or pay. Now, some Amazon workers think they should get time off because of the Supreme Court.

Last Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States said that the decision of whether abortion should be legal or not should be decided by individual states. That decision has resulted in a lot of protesting by liberals.

In addition to the protests, some workers at the Seattle-based company Amazon wrote a letter to the company asking for “space and time” to “grieve” and “protest against this assault on our rights.”  Hundreds of employees signed the petition which also demanded that the company “cease operations in states that enact laws that threaten the lives and liberty of abortion seekers, either by denying healthcare in life-threatening circumstances or by criminalizing abortion seekers and providers.”

The giant corporation has already said it will reimburse up to $4,000 in travel costs for abortions. “Amazon has expanded the travel and lodging benefit to cover travel for a number of non-life threatening conditions if a provider is not available within 100 miles of an employee’s home,” an Amazon spokesperson told CBS MoneyWatch in an email.

“As a company with 1.6 million employees, there are a lot of different viewpoints on this topic across our team, and we work to be respectful of everyone’s perspectives while also taking care of and supporting our employees’ personal medical needs,” Amazon’s human resources chief Beth Galetti  said. She also addressed unrest on the company’s Slack platform, asking Amazon employees to “be respectful of everyone’s perspectives[.]”

In their letter to the company, the employees also asked Amazon to “publicly and unequivocally denounce this decision,” and to “organize company-sponsored protests in support of Amazon employees.”

They want the company to give matching donations to organizations that offer abortion access and to “expand remote work options to allow employees the option to relocate to states that choose to preserve their basic human rights.”

Here’s some responses from Twitter users: “Spoiler alert: they won’t[.]”

“It’s interesting that they don’t mind servicing other *countries* where abortion is banned though. They just hate the United States.”

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That is a lot of demands for employees to make on a company. While Amazon does seem to support abortion access, making those additional demands of the company they work for is quite ridiculous. Do you think those employees really believe the company will give in to their demands? Should they be able to keep their jobs?

Stacey Warner

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