Suspect In Texas Love Triangle Murder Arrested In Costa Rica

Professional cyclist Anna Moriah "Mo" Strickland was murdered May 11
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On May 11, 25-year-old professional cyclist Anna Moriah (“Mo”) Wilson went for a swim and to get a bite to eat with Colin Strickland, an allegedly former boyfriend. Afterward, Strickland dropped Wilson off at her friend’s house in Austin, Texas, where she was staying while attending a bike race. Shortly thereafter, Wilson was brutally gunned down. The suspected killer is 34 year old yoga instructor Kaitlyn Armstrong, allegedly Strickland’s current girlfriend at the time of the murder.

Wilson’s friend discovered her bleeding and unconscious in her bathroom. Wilson later died. The friend’s Ring camera caught Armstrong’s black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee close by the apartment where Wilson was killed, shortly after Strickland dropped her off.

It is believed that Armstrong went back to the apartment she shared with Strickland after killing Wilson. She was questioned but released on May 12. The next day she sold her black Jeep for around $12,000. Then she disappeared. Armstrong was spotted at Newark Airport first, then made her way to Costa Rica with a passport that was not hers. The passport Armstrong allegedly used “was issued to someone else that was in very close physical description,” reports Fox News. She has been staying at a hostel in Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas. It is believed she was already trying to begin a new life there. She was arrested there 43 days after the murder.

“She shortened her hair length a little bit, about shoulder length. She dyed it dark brown. She had some type of bandage on her nose with some type of bruising fixated below her eyes,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla.

A lot of tips came in which led to authorities closing in on Armstrong in the town where she was staying and taking yoga surf classes. She was stopped by police and she gave them a fake name which the police did not find on any immigration records. She later gave them her real name which led them to the high-priority arrest warrant which had been issued for her.

Armstrong is set to be deported back to the United States and will face trial. If she is found guilty she could face the death penalty.

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Love is such an emotional thing and a thing that sometimes causes people to just flip a switch. That seems like what might have happened in this case, but time will tell as more comes out about the accused. If she is found guilty, should she get the death penalty for her crime?

Stacey Warner

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