Mayor of Uvalde Thinks There May Be a Cover-Up Regarding the School Shooting Response

Uvalde, Texas Mayor McLaughlin wants answers for his community
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The shooting that happened in Uvalde, Texas recently was horrific. Nineteen fourth-graders were killed along with two of their beloved teachers. Initially, Texas Governor Abbott praised the efforts of law enforcement, but soon after, details began to emerge about all the things law enforcement didn’t do. Uvalde’s Mayor wants the truth about what happened.

In an interview with CNN, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said he has lost faith in the investigation into the school shooting in his town. “I’m not confident, 100%, in DPS because I think it’s a cover-up,” he said. McLaughlin was referring to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation into what made it take an hour for law enforcement to kill the gunman at Robb Elementary School. The investigation is being led by Col. Steven McCraw, the DPS director.

McLaughlin thinks that DPS may be covering up for its own mistakes that day.

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Mayor McLaughlin says, “they’ve released so much BS in my opinion that they’ve put themselves in a corner,” referring to DPS but he, “thinks we will get to the truth.”

McLaughlin doesn’t trust that DPS has put all the blame on one agency when many DPS officers were also at the scene. “Every agency in that hallway is gonna have to share the blame,” he said. He explained that he trusts the individual DPS officers in his community, but not their management.

CNN said they reached out to DPS for comment and the only thing they received was a statement from their press secretary, Ericka Beltran, who said, “The Texas Department of Public Safety is committed to working with multiple law enforcement agencies to get the answers we all seek.”

McLaughlin added, “I lost confidence because the narrative changed from DPS so many times and when we asked questions, we weren’t getting answers.” So he asked the United States Department of Justice to investigate the law enforcement response, which they are not doing.

McLaughlin reiterated multiple times that his goal and motive for pressing this issue is that his community and the families of those who were killed that day get the truth.

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We all want the truth about what went wrong that day. This wasn’t just a mass school shooting, but a complete failure by law enforcement and we need to know why so that it can be addressed. Do you think Mayor McLaughlin is right, and there is a coverup?

Stacey Warner

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