Journalist Calls Tucker Carlson a Racist and His Response Is Epic

Ben Smith interview with Tucker Carlson
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There’s a saying in the law that says, don’t ask a question you don’t already know the answer to. If it doesn’t also apply to journalists, it should especially based on a recent interview of Tucker Carlson by Ben Smith, a former reporter with the New York Times. You must see how silly Carlson shows Smith to be.

It seems that Smith’s sole purpose in interviewing Carlson was to somehow prove that Carlson is a racist. The problem is, that Carlson is not, and he explained that honestly, plainly and clearly. Smith often didn’t want Carlson to speak very long, because he must have realized how rational and reasonable Carlson actually is. So Smith would often try to interrupt Carlson, which didn’t go well for him, either.

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Rather than Smith succeeding in showing Carlson to be a racist, Carlson succeeded in showing the world how intellectually vapid Smith, along with other journalists like him, is.

During the interview, Smith attempts to use an 8-second clip of Carlson where he said the words “replacement theory” to prove that Tucker is a racist who attracts white supremacists to him like fly paper and who loves mass murderers. His journalistic abilities are like that of a kindergartener and Carlson rips him to shreds.

Another great part of the interview is when Smith initially asks Carlson if he’s a racist. After he says no, he is not, Carlson’s response is priceless: “The people that I’m mad at are well-educated white liberals. The archetype of a person I don’t like is a 39-year-old white female lawyer with a barren personal life… I always say to people who call me a racist: No, I hate you!”

Carlson’s best line is when he says to Smith, “[t]his is why you are considered a propagandist and not a journalist.”

Are you ready for a gay spiderman?

Smith spent the entire interview trying to push a liberal narrative on Carlson, but it didn’t work. This is a typical liberal M.O. or strategy: to just throw words out like “white supremacist” or “racist,” which often does work to get other liberals all riled up. They just can’t get out of their own way. What did you think of the interview?

Stacey Warner

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