Video of Toronto Construction Worker Dangling In Mid-Air Goes Viral

Construction worker in Toronto dangling in mid-air
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A construction worker working near Toronto’s financial district found himself in a very perilous position recently, dangling high above the city, and it was all caught on video.

According to a spokesperson for the construction company in charge of the project where the man was working, his hand “became entangled with a tagline, after he’d attached a load to the crane,” reports CBC News. This left the man “dangling high in the air from a crane load in downtown Toronto.”

Onlookers caught the terrifying predicament on video. In one video, you can hear someone say, “Oh my God, how the f–k did this happen?” 

You can hear other workers at the sight yelling to the man to “hang on,” and to “just let your hard hat fall.” The crane is seen lowering the man, who appears to be just hanging on with his hands, down. When it gets him close to the ground, the other workers become concerned that he could be crushed and yell, “stop.”

“Fortunately, he was safely lowered to the work surface and not seriously injured,” PCL Constructors Canada Inc. said in the statement. Interestingly, “Toronto police, firefighters and paramedics all told CBC News they received no calls related to the incident.”

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development is investigating the incident. “The construction site is the same one where a crane collapsed into an adjacent building in July of 2020,” reports CBC News.

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Wow! That is a terrifying video to watch. You can hear the other workers who seem scared for the man’s life, as anyone would be. Were you surprised that no one called for emergency personnel?

Stacey Warner

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