Nina Jankowicz Tries to Re-Explain the Disinformation Governance Board to Brian Stelter on CNN

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Remember Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board? The one that was announced in April and then was summarily canned three weeks later? Well, its former director, Nina Jankowicz thought enough time had passed that she could rewrite history by appearing Sunday with Brian Stelter on CNN. What could go wrong?

In Jankowicz’s new version of what happened to the Disinformation Governance Board she ran for three short weeks, she said “It [the Board] absolutely was the victim of disinformation. (Insert guffaws here.) So all of these narratives, that the Disinformation Governance Board was going to be this Orwellian Ministry of Truth and all of the harassment and disinformation that was directed against me, was based on that falsehood.”

Jerry Dunleavy from the Washington Examiner tweeted, “Nina Jankowicz was on Stelter’s CNN show & he didn’t bring up one single example of her pushing falsehoods. Nina trashed the motivations of her critics & claimed that “I did not post disinformation” & denied spreading disinfo in tweets in 2016 & related to Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Stelter specifically asked Jankowicz why the government just shut the whole thing down rather than even try to defend her, since she was the brunt of a lot of the criticism surrounding the board. Instead of owning up to the fact that she has been known to spread disinformation herself, including regarding the Russia conspiracy theory the Democrats pushed for years while Trump was President, she said that she had a lot of misgivings about how things ended up and that, she “was the executive director, but there were a lot of people that were involved that didn’t take advice, frankly, that I had given them. And I had hoped that things would go down differently.”

She then claimed that she resigned her position because “the government had just rolled over, to the critics, who had completely spun this narrative out of control based on absolutely nothing in reality.”

Dunleavey tweeted more about Jankowicz’s interview: “Jankowicz: “I did not post disinfo… I was just sharing info about a presidential election…That wasn’t disinfo, it was just sharing news.” Here’s Nina pushing bullshit AlfaBank / Trump / Russia claims, which she says were just news & info, & not disinfo.”

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It’s hard to determine what the goal of Stelter’s interview was. If it was to somehow rehabilitate Jankowicz it didn’t work, for anyone who is paying attention. What do you think the purpose of the Disinformation Governance Board really was?

Stacey Warner

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